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Light Up Number And Letter Hire Birmingham Pictures


18th Birthday light up numbers. 4 ft.


Love letters hire. Giant 4 ft light up letters


40th Birthday light up numbers 4 ft


21st Birthday light up numbers pink. 4 ft

I also supply a DJ service for DJ disco or karaoke disco. Full mobile set up.

Many more light up numbers and letters in stock. Any combination available. All light up numbers and letters are 4 ft in size.


Light up numbers hire 4 ft plus DJ disco for 16th Birthday


Mr & Mrs light up letters hire. 4 ft.


Surname 4 ft light up letters plus 2 ft Mr & Mrs topper hire


V.I.P light up letters hire 4 ft


30th Birthday party light up numbers hire 4 ft.


50th Birthday party light up numbers hire 4 ft.


60th Birthday party light up numbers hire 4 ft.

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light up number and letter hire Birmingham. Over 50 units in stock, any combination available. Call or email for more information. light up numbers and letters hire pictures Birmingham. Each light or number is made by the finest craftsmen, and are kept in the upmost condition for the customer, for there special event. Upon storage from collection the units are assessed for damage and imperfections, and are repaired immediately, accidental damage can be made by myself transporting the numbers.


Areas covered is Birmingham and the surrounding area, price for hire includes delivery and collection. Price is for 1 days hire, delivered on the day required and collected on the following day. 

The process or repair can be anything from minor scuff, involving touching up with paint, or gluing joints back together with sanding and painting. the light up numbers are delicate and can only be transported by myself to the required venue or house, as the light up numbers are 4ft tall and need to be strapped inside my van so they arrive at the destination in prime condition.

Each number or letter is hand made to the finest detail, from craftsmen who have a passion in creating a durable and eye catching quality.

Light up number and letter hire Birmingham gallery pictures.

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